LOVESKIN Combination/ Oily Skincare Ritual


It's actually a misconception that oily skin clogs pores and causes breakouts. LOVESKIN Botanical Blends behave similarly to your skin's natural protective oil or sebum, supporting your skin's natural balance, providing protection from the environmental impurities and bacteria that can cause acne and hydrating and nourishing previously inflamed and irritated skin.

The use of our Tui Cleansing Oil eliminates the aggravation and skin stripping caused by harsh soapy cleansers.

Our refreshing, rose infused, Kakara Toning Mist balances and refreshes.

Whilst petroleum based products can exacerbate oily skin or acne prone skin issue a quality botanical oil blend like our Kiri Aroha Facial Serum balances, calms and restores.


Intended for daily use on all skin types, LOVESKIN Tui Facial Cleanser gently cleanses and purifies while maintaining the skin’s natural balance and protective oil barriers. Kawakawa infused in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, an extract from New Zealand’s native Kawakawa tree, gently stimulates and rejuvenates leaving the skin feeling fresh and clear of environmental impurities.

*For all Skin Types

Intended for daily use on all skin types, LOVESKIN Kakara Toning Mist intensely hydrates and balances the PH of the skin. Refreshing, relaxing and moisturising, this luxurious mist locks in vital moisture and leaves the skin’s cells plump and lustrous.

LOVESKIN Kiri Aroha Facial Serum is a heavenly composition of natural and certified organic botanical oils. High in essential fatty acids and antioxidants, this meticulously blended serum will ensure oily skin remains nourished, balanced and conditioned without overstimulating the skin’s natural oil production, accentuating its lustre and inner glow.

*For Combination or Oil Prone Skin

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The LOVESKIN Ritual:

We’ve refined the LOVESKIN ritual down to three simple steps. 


Draw some warm water to hydrate your face cloth. Massage your LOVESKIN Tui Cleanser onto your neck and décolletage, in small circular motions, to rid impurities as you breathe in the natural rose aroma. Remove your cleanser with the warm damp cloth, taking care not to drag or pull at the skin.

Step 2: TONE

Tilt your head upward and mist your face with the Kakara Rose Mist, as you take a moment to inhale. Appreciate the sensation of the fine rose particles settling on your skin, as well as the subtle, calming scent.


Slowly, dispense a thoughtful amount of Waiwai Hydrating Facial Serum into your hand. Remember, a small amount can go a long way with rich botanical oils. Massage the rich, botanical blend onto your neck and décolletage. Relax in the sensation of your skin becoming noticeably hydrated, and know that the act of doing so is good for both skin and soul.

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